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Château de Tracy : Pouilly-Fumé 101 Rangs 2014, Pouilly-Fumé 2016, Pouilly-Fumé Haute Densité 2014, Pouilly-Fumé Mademoiselle de T 2016

Pouilly-Fumé 101 Rangs 2014

Score: 92
Mature, with hints of smoke and singed herb emerging steadily. There's plenty of mouthwatering
zip left as lemon, pink grapefruit, gooseberry and honeysuckle notes stream through. Offers a long,
tangy finish. Drink now through 2022

Pouilly-Fumé 2016
Score: 91
A tangy, herb-driven style, with mouthwatering thyme and savory notes holding the upper hand
over lemon pulp and gooseberry accents. The brisk, bony finish has nice cut. Drink now through 2021

Pouilly-Fumé Haute Densité 2014
Score: 91
Lovely, with a mature hint to the mix of savory, white asparagus, honeysuckle, thyme and lemon
zest flavors, all wrapped in a fine hint of paraffin. Shows gooseberry-infused zip through the finish.
Drink now through 2021

Pouilly-Fumé Mademoiselle de T 2016
Score: 90
A light hint of smoke weaves through, while fresh lemon curd, thyme and white peach notes form
the core. Offers a light flinty echo through the pure finish. Drink now through 2020.

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