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2017 Château de Tracy Pouilly-Fumé, Loire Sauvignon Blanc

Color: Light straw, almost platinum
Nose: Juicy fruit gum, jack fruit banana, tropical fruit, grapefruit
Palate: Viscous on the palate, salinity, tart acidity, lime and lemon, grapefruit, brings out all the different citrus flavors.
Pairing: Great with the brie and ham encroute, the very lightly mustard pastries bring out a mustard pollen sweetness in the wine. Enhances the flavor of the pate but does not do much for the wine. As usual, goat cheese and Sauv Blanc is awesome. The wine works with caviar, but it is not the same as caviar and champagne. I enjoyed the salinity with the caviar. It was great with the tapenade, the bright lemony richness of the tapenade brought out the beautiful acidity in the wine. The anchovy in the tapenade became nutty. Super yummy with the bisque.
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Château de Tracy
Château de Tracy
Château de Tracy
Château de Tracy 37.5cl
Château de Tracy