Haute Densité

Millésime : 2019
Appellation : Pouilly Fumé
Name : Château de Tracy
Proprietor : Comtesse A. d’Estutt d’Assay
Location : Village of Tracy sur Loire
Situation of vineyard : Plateau des Champs de Cri
Exposure : South West
Soil : Kimméridgian and Portlandien limestone
Grape variety : Sauvignon
Area : 1 hectare
Average age of the vines : 15 years
Yield : 25hl/ha
Alcoholic strength : 12.62°
Acidity : 4.41

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The "High Density" come from a small plot planted on the most beautiful limestone soils of Château de Tracy. Coming from a unique style of cultivation on the Appellation, Sauvignon offers a rare complexity. This wine is produced confidentially, with only 2,500 bottles in 2017.


This wine is produced from vines planted in high density (17,000 vines per hectare; the standard density for the appellation is 7,000 vines per hectare). Competition between the vines is therefore greater. As each plant has to draw its reserves from deep within the soil, the roots plunge more deep, increasing consequently the contact with the stone (more terroir effect in the wine). Vigorous growth is controlled and the plants are healthier.
The specific pruning of the plants is the result of rigorous research and intensive work on the vines (such as disbudding and thinning out of leaves). The vegetation is less dense, far less vulnerable to disease and each plant bears a maximum of two or three bunches (1 plant produces 1 glass of wine). The resulting grapes are very concentrated, showing a great complexity.


 The grapes were slowly and gently pressed to obtain the highest quality grape must. The wine was matured in wooden casks for 9 months with regular stirring of the lees.


Appearance: Pale yellow with golden highlights.
The nose: Rich and complex, it opens on aromas of pear, eucalyptus, licorice, and rare wooden essences. After a short time in the glass, some "sunny flavours" appear: peach, fresh pineapple, mango, sweet grapefruit.
Palate: The first sensation is finess but vivacity. the attack is sharp, fleshy, developing citrus, vanilla aromas and pepper.

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Château de Tracy
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