For the last twelve years we have carried out reasoned cultivation so as to have a wine-growing system which

respects the environnement.

The grass is kept under control through ploughing...

...or the use of butterfly lures is one of the other ways we reduce the number of chemical treatments needed.

QUALITY GRAPES... pruning, thinning out leaves around the grapes, trimming higher up and letting some grass grow around the vines

we have improved the health and maturity of our grapes.

In order to maintain a yield which allows us to produce high quality wines we have sometimes carried out "green harvest".

Our average yield over 5 years has been 54hl per hectare.

 Viticulture Viticulture Viticulture

This work was rewarded in 2014 by getting the Haute Valeur Environnementale Certification.

Château de Tracy